Fashion and Luxury

Fashion and luxury.

The world of fashion runs completely lateral with the world of luxury. From celebrities to supermodels fashion drives as much excitement in news and media as the connoisseurs who consume them. The glamor of the runways have always been littered with luxury brands of every shape and size but what drives the relationship to luxury?

A true luxury brand is based off of many variables exclusivity, quality, authenticity and of course desire. All of these elements create everyday tools into some of the most sought after items in the world. It’s the difference between a pair of shoes and a pair of Monoloblonics, it’s the difference between a watch and rolex, and of course it’s the difference between a toyota and a mercedes benz.

The reason why i love the luxury space is that it’s derived off of human nature and pack mentality. The desire for an item is based off of the fact you can’t have it, and someone else has what you can’t have. That beautiful little piece of human nature is what skyrockets everyday brands 10 times higher in price. Human emotion will always be the driving force for luxury and our choice in clothes is one of the truest forms of expression we have.

You might even call our love of fashion a direct trait of our animalistic instincts from the past. Either way fashion and luxury will always coexist because deep down inside it is something more than material wants it is humanistic desire.

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