Buggati’s “La Voiture Noire”

If you know anyone who has doubted that a car can’t be a work of art… Buggati is asking us all politely to hold its beer as it proves them all wrong. Buggati’s latest masterpiece the “La Voiture Noire”was just unveiled today boasting an impressive 11 million dollar price tag. That’s 43 and a half Ferrari 488s

Boasting an elegantly designed body type over a immaculate gloss finish The “La Voiture Noire” is nothing shy of a masterpiece that belongs in the Louvre right next to the Mona lisa herself. Buggati also released a statement saying the La Voiture Noire or “The black car” was designed as a grand tour and not a chiron meaning that it was built for a long endurance ride and not a burnout street race.

Buggati claims it’s already had several pre orders and on it’s way to hitting the streets very soon. So can enthusiasts keep your eyes out for the mansion on wheels driving around this summer.

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