What makes a G class a G class?

With the Lamborghini Urus and the Bentley Bentayga about to send their contenders into the bloodbath that is the luxury SUV space, we decided to take a look at the current undisputed champion in the ring and what makes it the current king. The Mercedes G – class, technically a truck and not an SUV, for all purposes were calling it an SUV.


Almost every celebrity you can think of has been found hopping in and out of the G – class recently and most prefer it to the sports car alternative that most can afford. Range Rover had a head start in the race with the Olsen twins and Paris Hilton  who originally made the luxury SUV craze a thing among celebrities. Since then the Range Rover seems to have faded out of the spotlight and the G – class made its way to the top. Originally named the G – Wagon it was designed as an off road vehicle with a jeep like design but with Mercedes DNA making it the ideal vehicle when you needed to go on an adventure but with class. These might have been the first people to go glamping without knowing they were glamping.

In 2004 everything changed. The the G wagon got a brand new design and a sleeker new nickname, introducing the G class.  Refusing to budge to demands and branching off into the rounded designs that most SUV’s cater to. Mercedes double downed sticking to their box design and instilling it with AMG power making it the powerhouse you see today. From there it’s rise to power became undeniable and now it’s in the getaway vehicle for almost every celebrity and VIP you can imagine making it one of the most popular luxury SUV’s ever made.

2019 ushers in an exciting year for the space with the Bentegya and the Urus coming for the belt with 2 very sleek rounded designed vehicles and It’s already proved its popularity over the porsche cayenne that has been out since 2002. Will the G class stay on top as more and more car makers try and build the ideal work, play, vehicle for any environment.

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