A guide to finding your inner adventurer

What kind of luxury traveler are you? A guide to finding your inner adventurer.


Being a creative / marketing director, filmmaker and advent luxury traveler myself i often run into many types of explorers out there on the road. It’s no doubt in my mind that our paths cross because we share similar qualities that only make it natural we were destined to meet under such exuberant circumstances.


The types of luxury travelers I run into are far and few in between but when I do meet them they tend to fall into certain types of behaviors.  Now i don’t really enjoy labeling people into any type of stereotypes because everyone is their own unique person, but as a marketing director reading data and trends is also part of my job to understanding how people act the why they do.


The time commando – travel on an exact schedule

Like right out of some action movie starring Bruce Willis, the time commandos are running around with an invisible drill instructor running behind them. These guys are always on a mission of life or death urgency and they will stop at nothing to get there. I have personally seen one of these guys show up to a show sit down for 5 minutes and leave just to say they were there and did what they set out to do. The time commandos are high strung always on the move and never miss a beat. Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t exactly a bad thing. I remember traveling Europe with a best friend of mine who was a time commando and by the time we got done we managed to travel 5 countries visit 12 different cities all in a month. It was exhausting but rewarding at the same time.


The wanderer – A late sleeping fellow who always wanders to the beat of his own drum. Wanderer’s are here to experience a new location like someone who has been living there for years. They don’t care about the sights and sounds every tourist is clamoring to visit, instead they find the nearest pub and continue to explore the town from pub to pub until they end up exactly where they were meant to be all along. A formula that sounds like absolute madness but the universe works in mysterious ways especially on the road, and if you give yourself to it you might not find what you were looking for but you will definitely find what you need.  Being absolute masters of the laws of attractions wanderers will live their life by these principles it may not always work out for them and in fact most the time it wont, But for the few brief times that it does it’s worth it to a wanderer..


The “ I never leave the restorers”  – These guys are strictly resort vacationers. These groups are here for the lavish amenities of the resort they have shown up for and will not leave under any circumstances. They take the term all inclusive resort to another level. They have a Rolodex of amazing resorts to see and can tell you every nook and cranny of those resorts. I think these guys tend to get looked down upon for not adventuring out but i think it’s the exact opposite. I think the restorers are making the most out of the money they spend and it’s all of us would be travelers who might be the ones blowing money never enjoying the opportunity to relax.


So after diving into all of the archetypes you will most definitely run into on your luxury travel adventures, it’s best to take a step back and look at the big picture. Everyone is on their own path, for their own reasons so be thankful for the chance to enjoy the opportunity to experience the adventures you do get to go on and the people you do get to meet. Life is full of rewarding experiences if we just give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy them.  

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