How millennials are living a luxury lifestyle for cheap

Life hack:  How millennials are living a luxury lifestyle for cheap.


Millennials have grown up in an interesting time with a shifting belief system where experiences are valuable and ownership is a means to tie you down. So it’s only natural they gravitate towards the shared economy much faster than previous generations. It’s no question that we are now live in a sharing economy. Everything we own is shared from our homes, our cars, our food, even our workspaces are shared so it would only make sense that we would take the next step and share our luxury pleasures as well. Why limit the possibilities of experiences we can have when there’s an endless possibility of choices out there.


The rare sought after luxury experiences normally reserved for the extremely wealthy can not be shared by the middle class. Driving ferrari’s, cruising in yachts, and living in mansions seems like experiences that most will never obtain in their lifetime but a revolutionary new app is breaking those barriers and creating the first shared luxury economy.


The LUXnow app has everything we love about the gig economy combined with everything we want in life. It’s a no brainer for the current life loving adventure seeking millenials to be all over this revolutionary app that provides endless luxury experiences with no actual commitment.


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