Why you should drive the car that scares you the most!

Why you should drive the car that scares you the most. “Face your fears”, we have heard hundreds of different personal coaches and speakers all tell us the same thing over and over again. But facing your fears in the unlikely form of a vehicle might be just what the doctor ordered. A very rewarding experience that can lead to some surprising personal growth.

First let’s talk about your fears and how a car can prevent you from achieving your goals. A fun test we like to play at the LUXnow office is we give some unsuspecting stranger who’s never driven a supercar the keys to a Ferrari or a Lambo and tell them to drive it.  Then we start walking away without any direction.

The reaction is always the same, and i’ll give you a hint. They are not rushing out to hop in the car and speed off. Instead they are chasing you down trying to catch up with you to give back the keys you just threw in their hands. So why this reaction? It could be fear of the unknown, it could be the fear of crashing a half a million dollar car, It could be a lot of things but we do know it’s terrifying the first time you drive a supercar.

It’s an experience i can only relate to as getting onto a roller coaster for the first time. You know when walking up to a roller coaster if you think about it long enough you can and will talk yourself out of it. But if you to take the leap and do it, it’s one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. And that is how you face your fears, and i’ll tell you something there is no greater satisfaction than when you finally realize you deserve to drive the supercar of your dreams, this jet engine on wheels now belongs to you. It’s in that moment where you start forgetting every doubt you had and start really enjoying life. So now here is the big question, Which one of our cars scares you the most?

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